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Here is our team:

Richard Renehan


Broad Experience in Business/Marketing and Import/Export. Business to Business. Industrial/Medical Products. Static Control, Polymers, Prototyping.
Continue to grow Renco, re-launch RencoMed and expand government and international sales.

Specialties: Prototyping, Product design, Dipped Rubber and Polymer products. Import/Export. GSA. Safety/Security, Containment and Sterile/Aseptic processes, USP 797 / 800. Various levels of running, launching and marketing business.

Rick Tillotson


We utilize the art and knowledge first provided to the world in 1931 by Neil Tillotson and further developed by his children, Janet, John, Tom and Rick and his many associates, notably Bud Consoli, who, with his support, used their lack of knowledge to explore and discover new chemical processes and new polymer products. These new products and technologies have included the first natural latex balloon, the first rubber coated work glove, the first carpet backing, the first latex exam glove, the first nitrile exam glove, as well as a myriad of innovations that touch lives all over the world, every day.

Howard Genser


A goal-oriented, creative, experienced, and adaptable executive with exposure to a broad range of industry functions.

Specialties: Operations Management,Supply Chain,Distribution, Sales, Negotiation, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Financial Budgeting, Forecasting, Cash Flow Modeling, Contract Negotiation and Administration, Executive Level Presentations and Communications, Cross Functional Company Relations, Human Resource Administration, Change Management, Customer Relations, Vendor Relations, Supplier Evaluation, Process Analysis, Warehouse Management, Product Consolidation, Purchasing. 

Steven Strickland

Mr. Strickland has been a resident of Mississippi for the last 45 years and is currently President of Stonehenge Private Client Group, an Investment Advisory Firm. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BS in Marketing in 1986, Mr. Strickland became a financial advisor and has enjoyed a successful 31-year career in that industry. In addition, Mr. Strickland has been an owner of an outdoor advertising company, a staffing company, and a fence manufacturing company. Mr. Strickland has served on numerous charitable boards.

Harry Joseph Nause

Mr. Nause is a lifelong resident of Mississippi and graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Banking and Finance. Mr. Nause has been a licensed Mississippi Realtor broker for 23 years, specializing in commercial real estate sales, acquisitions and management. Mr. Nause has also been an investor and manager of numerous technology companies over the last 15 years, and he has assisted in the assembly and commissioning of three electron linear accelerators.

Damon Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds currently serves as a Program Manager and Operations Manager for a U.S. defense contractor in Huntsville, Alabama. Mr. Reynolds retired the active duty U.S Air Force as a Colonel in 2013. He began his private sector career as a Senior Project Manager manufacturing deep-water oil drilling equipment in Houston, Texas. Mr. Reynolds has managed projects and programs ranging from $30,000,000 to $4,00,000,000. Mr. Reynolds specializes in cost and schedule control with an emphasis on risk reduction. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1990, and subsequently attained two Master’s Degrees in Operational Planning and Execution and National Security Strategy.

Dr. Eric Burgett

Dr. Burgett was an Executive Vice President of Accelerator
Systems for a food treatment tech company and prior to that was
an Associate Professor at Idaho State University. Dr. Burgett
earned a B.S. in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, and M.S.
in Nuclear Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, all
from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Burgett has built
eight electron accelerators, two positive ion accelerators, and a
negative ion accelerator.  He has also designed, commissioned,
and modified eight electron and three ion beam microscopes and
has a strong background in high vacuum engineering,
semiconductor design, crystal growth, nanotechnology, nuclear
and radiological engineering and materials science.  He has
managed and was the chief scientist and engineer on over $38,000,000 of sponsored research and
development, as well as the design, engineering and build out of $74,000,000 food treatment facility in
south Texas.

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